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Rolling a joint 101:

A joint is one of the more common ways to smoke cannabis. If you’re just starting out, usually smoke cannabis using other methods or just want to hone your rolling skills, then this will find you well.

How much Cannabis is in a Joint?

For new cannabis users, it is recommended to use ½ gram of cannabis with 1 ¼ size rolling papers. Once you become more skilled, you’ll be able to move onto larger size rolling papers and adding more cannabis into your joint.

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The supplies needed to Roll the perfect Joint:

Below we have put together the ideal list of supplies you’ll need to roll your joint. Remember no matter what it looks like or what supplies you use, it’s most important that your joint burns smooth and evenly.

  • Cannabis strain you prefer
  • Rolling papers
  • Tips or filter (optional)
  • Cannabis grinder 
  • Cannabis poker or pen (to pack the joint)

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Step 1: Grind the Cannabis

Using a grinder, break the cannabis down into shake. A grinder is a fast and easy way to break down your cannabis. It also helps your fingers not get sticky. 

If the Cannabis you are using is on the dry side, it will break down quite easily. If the cannabis is on the stickier side you’ll have to spend an extra second or two making sure it’s fully grinded down.

You can also use scissors or your fingers to grind the cannabis.

Step 2: Build your filter or tip (optional)

There are many different things you can use to build your filter, thin cardboard is what you want to aim for. Here at Oki Cannabis Brampton we carry a variety of different filters for all your cannabis smoking needs. 

Adding a filter into your joint is optional. The benefits of a filter is that it stops Thc buildup at the mouthpiece of your joint, keeps the weed from burning your lips and even helps with giving your fingers room to hold the joint without burning them. 

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Step 3: Fill the joint

Fill the rolling paper with the ground up cannabis. If adding a filter, place the filter at one end of the rolling paper where your mouthpiece will be. Once you’ve evenly distributed the cannabis onto the rolling paper you’ll be able to start forming the joint. 

Step 4: Roll the joint

To roll your joint, pinch both sides of the rolling paper with your fingers and roll the weed back and forth between your fingers until you have a cone shape.

Step 5: Finish the roll

To finish rolling your joint you want to lightly lick the the gumline of the rolling paper and roll the paper up until the moist gumline attaches to the dry portion of the joint.

Step 6: Pack the joint and twist the end 

You’re almost done! Pack the joint using a pen or a cannabis poker. If any cannabis fell out while you were rolling this is your time to add some more and twist the excess paper on the end to seal it up.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Everyone has their own unique way of rolling a joint. Joints can be big, small, cone shaped, straight shaped and more! Practice makes perfect when learning how to roll a joint and with these tips you’ll be a master in no time.


Author: Trinity Renquinha