Oki Cannabis Grow-It Kit – Oki Cannabis Gow-It Kit MEDIUM


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Oki Cannabis Grow-It Kit.

Grow your own cannabis plant at home!

Each kit is made to help beginner growers learn the basics of growing cannabis and advanced growers the basic needs to grow using natural light! Each kit comes with a house mix bag of soil and all the equipment needed to get started.

Each kit is fully prepped with the following materials and supplies.

Container For Seed Germination
Rooting Solution
Seedling Pot
Wooden Plant Label and Support
Coconut Coir (Large kit has 2)
Pruning Scissors
3pc Mini Gardening Tool Set
3,5 or 7 Gallon Fabric Pot
Spray Bottle
Small Watering Can
Oki House Mix Soil (just add water)

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