14″ 7mm Chilled Pineapple Glass Bong


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Product Information

Introducing the 14″ 7mm Chilled Pineapple Glass Bong – a tropical-themed masterpiece designed to infuse your smoking experience with the flavors of the Caribbean. This glass bong is a perfect fusion of aesthetics, durability, and functionality, offering a delightful way to savor your favorite herbs or concentrates.

Key Features:

1. Premium 7mm Borosilicate Glass: Crafted from high-quality 7mm borosilicate glass, this bong not only exudes durability but also maintains a comfortable temperature for smoother, cooler hits. It’s built to last, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

2. Pineapple Paradise Design: The bong is adorned with an enchanting pineapple paradise design, featuring intricate details and vivid colors. This tropical motif adds a playful and inviting element to your smoking ritual, making every session feel like a mini-vacation.

3. Beaker Base Stability: The beaker-shaped base not only enhances the bong’s stability but also allows for a generous water chamber. This extra water volume ensures efficient smoke filtration, resulting in a cleaner and more enjoyable inhale.

4. Removable Downstem: Easy cleaning and maintenance are at your fingertips with the removable downstem. You can effortlessly access all parts of the bong to keep it in pristine condition.

5. Ergonomic Mouthpiece: Designed for comfort and ease of use, the ergonomically shaped mouthpiece provides a comfortable grip and a smooth inhale, allowing you to savor your chosen herbs or concentrates to the fullest.

6. 14″ Height: With a 14-inch height, this bong strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality. It’s suitable for solo sessions or for sharing with friends, making it a versatile addition to your smoking collection.

7. Clear Glass: The transparent glass design not only showcases the beauty of the smoke as it swirls and filters but also allows you to monitor the water level, ensuring optimal filtration and functionality.

The 14″ 7mm Chilled Pineapple Glass Bong is more than just a smoking accessory; it’s a piece of art that brings a tropical breeze to your smoking sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of bongs, this piece offers a unique and visually striking way to enhance your smoking experiences. Transport yourself to a pineapple paradise and make a bold statement with this exceptional and functional glass bong.

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