Nugz – Early Lemon Berry Pre-Rolls – 12×0.6g


SATIVA | THC: 0 % | CBD: 0 %

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Nugz Early Lemon Berry Pheno #92 pre-rolls are produced with nothing but hang dried, slow cured, whole buds which have been consistently ground, and wrapped in premium RAW cones. Enjoy fourteen 0.6g pre-rolls packaged in an air-tight pouch for ultimate freshness. Early Lemon Berry Pheno #92 is a sativa-dominant strain of cannabis. True to its name, Early Lemon Berry features rich citrus notes with a distinct lemon flavour thanks to its higher percentage of limonene and myrcene. The ground bud smells like a mix of sweet lemons, grapefruit and sugary sweet berries. The flavour is quite similar to the smell, but the taste of the exhale is what earned its popularity. The aroma produced by these flowers is strong but not pungent. The buds produced by this genetic are large, dense, and covered in trichomes.


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