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There’s many different ways to consume cannabis! Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to the way they consume cannabis. There are 3 main consumption methods: Inhalation, oral and topical. This article will help you understand the different methods of consuming cannabis.


Smoking cannabis is the more common way people consume cannabis. Smoking cannabis is the process where the cannabis is burned or vapourised creating a smoke that is inhaled. There’s different ways to smoke cannabis and we listed the most common methods below

Rolling papers

Rolling papers are used to smoke joints. Ground up cannabis is rolled up into the rolling paper and is smoked the same way a cigarette would be. Check out our article on how to roll a joint 101


Blunts are used the same way rolling papers are used. Ground up cannabis is rolled up into a cigar paper and is smoked. The difference in blunts and rolling papers is the material used to create them. Rolling papers are typically made out of hemp , bamboo, rice etc. Blunts are cigar paper made from the tobacco plant and contain nicotine. Both papers come in different flavours and all comes down to preference.

Bongs and Bubblers

Bongs or bubblers come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. While using a bong the cannabis is burned and the bong uses water to filter and cool the smoke. This method is not recommended for new cannabis users as it can be complicated.

Hand Pipes

Like bongs, hand pipes come in a variety of different styles. Hand pipes are small and convenient. Hand Pipes are used by trapping the smoke that is created by burning the cannabis, allowing the user to inhale the smoke.


Vaporizers are a new and upcoming way of consuming cannabis. Vaporizers heat up the cannabis just before and below the point of combustion. Thc, Cbd and cannabinoids can be inhaled as vapor rather than harmful smoke. Vaporizers produce less cannabis smell and are convenient to carry.


This method of using cannabis is somewhat similar to vaping, but it uses tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) resins extracted from the marijuana plant. (THC is the ingredient in marijuana that produces a high.) A glass pipe or bong is heated with a blowtorch. When the resin extract is placed into the pipe, it creates vapor almost immediately. Dabbing is thought to produce a greater high than smoking cannabis.

Oral ingestion

Edibles have been around for a long time but nowadays cannabis is added into many different types of food.
The Oils that are extracted from marijuana plants are commonly used in cooking and baking, food to create different things that can be ingested orally or taken in capsule form. Marijuana oil can also be added to different drinks. It is sold in teas, sodas etc.
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Topical Methods

Topical oils are extracts from the marijuana plant that are a different viscosity  than the oils used in edible products. These oils are thicker. The oils are placed on the skin and are used for beauty purposes. Topical oils do not produce a high and should not be ingested for any reason.


Author: Trinity Renquinha