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When looking for strains or buying at a dispensary you might notice strains are broken down into three groups; indica, sativa or hybrid. These three classifications are used to describe the effects that the strain will produce. In this article we are going to dive in and learn a little more about these effects so you have a better understanding when buying/using a strain. 


If you’ve ever heard the term “in da couch” used when describing the effects of indica , you might be wondering what that means. Not all indica strains will have you in da couch but most indica strains have been described to have full body effects. Indica strains are commonly used at night as a way of winding down and used to feel relaxed. 


Not all sativa strains are energizing but most sativa strains have been described to produce a “head high”. Sativa users describe feeling energised, creative and focused while using this strain. Sativa is best used in the mornings and afternoon while you still want to be able to be productive while still reaping the benefits of cannabis.

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Hybrid strains

Hybrid strains are created by combining an indica strain and a hybrid strain together. Hybrid strains are unique and can have effects of a sativa and an indica strain. Some strains can be indica dominant or sativa dominant which helps users get a good idea on the effects the strain may have. A hybrid can be used in the daytime or nighttime, all depending on the predominant effects of the hybrid.

Author: Trinity Renquinha